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What Is A Tenacious Tape?

A tenacious tape is a waterproof all-purpose tape that is used to fix up gashes, holes, and rips in most of the outdoor gears. It stays for long when put, no matter the nature of material dishing out and doesn’t leave any sticky mess behind.

Put a tenacious tape over a rip or tear if happens. It is used to quickly fix up puffy coats, ski pants or tents with its strong and waterproof material. It comes either in a clear strip or in various colours. It won’t get peeled off when applied over technical fabrics like vinyl or nylon due to the backing of an ultra-aggressive adhesion.

It could instantly be used as a repair patch to make up a hammock or tent. You may even use this tape like a tape for repairing vinyl. As it is available in various colours, it is barely noticeable when applied over any matter. The tenacious tape once applied will take 24 hours to stay and become washable even in machines.

Multipurpose: the tenacious tape sticks to almost every surface that needs repair including backpacks, sleeping bags, hammocks, tents and many more.

 Compatible: the repairs over tears and rips are barely noticeable as the nylon variety comes in various colours such as sage green, red, yellow and black.

 Durable: it has an ultra- strong adhesion that gets bonded with outdoor materials and fabrics including plastic, rubber, vinyl, and nylon.

 Washable: tenacious tape has been sealed with a waterproof coating which doesn’t get peeled off even during storm or wash.

 Easy to peel and stick: peeling and sticking of tenacious tape does not require any heat or sewing skills. It can be simply removed by backing up and applied to the surface with some pressure. It becomes washable within 24 hours.

Applying the tenacious tape

Clean the area to be repaired using isopropyl alcohol which could remove body oils or dirt and prevent good bonds. Trim out if there are any loose threads.

Apply the tenacious tape over the hole, tear or rip.

Smooth out the bubbles and make sure that the edges are laid flat. The adhesive will come into full strength within 24 hours.

To fix up large holes, repeat the above-mentioned process on both the sides of the fabric.

To what does it stick to?




Opp plastic

Pet plastic

EVA plastic


Vinyl plastic


Non- oily leather

Bicast leather






How to remove the backing?

A perforation is there that runs down in the middle of the tape. Fold the tape on either side and remove out the backing. This is the best way of backing the tape from the top where the logo of the tape appears.

Care and storage:

Place the unused patches in its included bag and store them in a cool and dry place.


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