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7 crucial things you consider when you are about to get your car repaired!

Do you own a car of a European model? Has your car given you trouble lately? Are you long overdue for your car maintenance? Here are some things you should consider before you go to a European car mechanic.

  1. Know your car manual inside out!

It’s like a bible when it comes to repairs! If you know which page to go to for specific information for a specific problem or malfunction then you can figure out what is exactly wrong with your car. You might even end up avoiding going to the repair shop if it turns out you the problem was because you didn’t enough of about your car.

  1. Indie garage vs Dealership Service?

The dealer’s technicians are specialists; they are trained by the manufacturer and usually work exclusively on vehicles of the model and make your own. Most dealers conduct a service staff training program that involves not only service technicians but also service managers, consultants and support staff.

But dealer service can cost a lot. And it doesn’t guarantee you and your car get the best technician all the times, many indie European car mechanic and repair services in Allambie are headed by former dealer employees who wanted to run their own repair shop.

  1. Keep an updated record of repairs and carry it always!

Have records on every car repairs and services you have got— and if possible, keep them in the car itself. Well-kept records can be instrumental when a vehicle has to diagnosed with a new problem. Ill-maintained records can cause redundant auto repairs resulting in a waste of time and money.

  1. Get the best-suited technician for your car!

Nowadays, cars and trucks have become extremely complex machines, and their unique features vary greatly from one brand to another. BMW car service might require different technical expertise than Porsche. special tools and procedures {Which are not available to your average mechanic} can be required to treat a specific model, thus you have to make sure that your technician has the right training to work on your specific model.

     5.Know how much you are paying and what you are paying for!

Ask them about labour rates, before you hand over your car to the department of service. The rates are on a display in a not so visible place, so if you’re in confusion, look closely and ask questions. Make sure you know fully how you’re going to be charged for the auto repair.

  1. Ask your doubts!

You don’t have to get intimidated if you have any doubts. Ask questions as to why something needs to be fixed or how something works. As a customer, you are entitled to learn more about your vehicle.

  1. Don’t go for generic parts, ask for OEM!

Ask for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part whenever parts need to be replaced. Do not go for duplicate parts just because they are cheap. To achieve optimum performance, it is important to maintain exact manufacturer specifications.

I hope you know you have a better understanding of how to go about how to go about repairing your car, so you can get your car maintenance and repair done with quality and cost-efficient results!



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