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Why Does Root Canal Treatment Fail?

The first reason why the root canal in Sutherland Shire could fail is because of missed canals. Doctors consider this as a problem of untreated anatomy. A dentist needs to have a proper general understanding of the tooth anatomy of her or his patient. This means that she or he should be able to find all the canals. As an example, it can be said that in 95 percent of the cases people have a couple of canals. This implies that once a dentist finds the first canal, she or he has to search wholeheartedly to find the next one.

Incomplete treatment :

This is also one major reason behind the failure of the root canal in Sutherland Shire. This happens to be the second commonest reason in this regard. This normally happens in what is termed in medical parlance as being short. This implies that if a canal is 20 mm long the doctor has not treated the full length over there. When a doctor is short it increases the chances of failure. This is because such treatment means that you have unfilled or untreated space. The bacteria can easily colonize this space and infect it as well. There are several reasons why such incomplete treatment happens.


Quite often after the first root canal in Sutherland Shire was done some tissue remains in the area. This is also one of the major reasons as to why such treatment can fail in the first place. This tissue is a major source of nutrition for bacteria that infect the location. This is how they find it easy to infect the root canal system again. The thing with root canals is that they are irregular in terms of shape and the dentists use instruments that are uniformly round. This is the reason why they are unable to treat the same. 


This is yet another common reason for the failure of the root canal in Sutherland Shire. The thing with this issue is that it does not have any direct relation to the treatment as such, but it can still affect the tooth where root canal treatment has been done. Normally in these cases, you have cracks in your teeth, and this lets the bacteria get into places where they should not be getting into. Fractures normally happen in teeth that have never had any filling done in them. This indicates that in many cases such damage cannot be prevented.


Leakage is also one major reason why the root canal in Sutherland Shire could and does fail. The main aim of root canal treatment is to make sure that tissue is removed, and bacteria are killed. In these cases, the system is sealed so that bacteria do not enter the place again. All dental materials allow bacteria to be leaked. The main goal of dentists is to make sure that the extent of that leakage could be restricted to the minimum possible limit. However, at a point in time, this balance is upset, and infection happens.


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