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Do You Want A Pristine Carpet? Follow These Pro Tips

Have you spent hours on cleaning the whole house but left the carpet untouched? Then all the efforts that you have put in are to go down the drain. A grimy and dirty carpet will shout out loud that your house is dirty.

The carpet that houses just a little bit of dirt can ruin the atmosphere of your home and make it look shabby. On the other hand, a carpet that is maintained regularly and is spotless sings with harmony in the house. It will result in a healthy and fresh ambience of the home.

Here are a few tips and tricks to maintain your carpet without much effort from the experts of carpet cleaning in Bondi.

1. Doormats to prevent dirt:

The best way to maintain a clean carpet is to prevent dirt, grime and sand getting on them in the first place. Here is a tip to make that happens; use doormats. Both indoor and outdoor mats prevent dust taking its place inside the home. Also, advise the members of the family and guests to wipe the shoes on the mat before entering.

2. Don’t wait to vacuum:

If you want to show your love for the carpet then vacuum it regularly to get rid of the little amount of dirt and grime build-up daily. This is an absolute no brainer. Vacuuming regularly has a huge impact on the air quality of the house. You can once in a while call an expert from carpet cleaning in  Bondi to vacuum your carpet. Bondi in Australia has one of the best cleaners.

3. Shoes are a strict no:

According to a survey, more than 40 per cent of dirt is tracked into the house by shoes. Bacteria, viruses, chemicals and even fecal matter are included in that case.

Ok, that’s gross right but it is true. So next time even if you want to take a step forward from the mat, leave the shoes at the doorstep and change to a pair of home slippers. By doing so you are not only protecting the carpet but also yourself from diseases and other health issues.

4. Stains need immediate attention:

Have you spilled something on the carpet and have turned a blind eye to it? It is going to worsen the state of your carpet. The longer a statin stays the tougher it becomes to remove it. When it comes to cleaning stains don’t ever rub the stain. Professional carpet cleaning in Parramatta provides various stain removal sprays to get rid of the stain right at the moment.

5. Pay attention to the air filters:

Once the filters remove more amounts of dust particles the less falls on the carpet. If the filter is clogged with dust then its efficiency greatly reduces and thus lodging the remaining on the carpet. Change the filters every 90 days to prevent this.

6. Bottom line:

Your vacuum can clean only the surface of the carpet while a professional carpet cleaning in Parramatta can reach up to fibre level and remove the hidden stuff. Pollens, dander, allergens and anything cannot escape from a professional cleaning. Employ the best professional at the job at least once a year.

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