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Installing Shutters On Various Materials

The very purpose of a custom-made shutter is that it does not require any particular or standard window or installation measurements. You can also bring a plantation shutter to serve innumerable purposes. It covers kitchen cabinets, room dividers, entertainment centres, closet doors, etc.

Given below are a few points that you must keep in mind while installing a plantation shutter on various materials such as concrete, tile, or wood-cased drywall opening. It will not only enhance the style and elegance of your entire home in Heathcote but also suit your comfort and convenience.

  • Take the measurements

Measurement forms a crucial part of the entire installation process on any specific project. Also, the measuring guidelines are universal whether you choose to install the plantation shutter available in Heathcote on a window opening or any other material.

  • Mark the layout

The usual practice is that a bunch of filler strips is provided on purchase of the shutters. These strips help you to determine the layout before installing the plantation shutters in Heathcote. You can also adjust the width if it is necessary, as the strips provide a scope of adjustment. It can further be used as a template design. 

  • Measure the shutters

To measure the shutters, first, align the pair or a total number of shutters together. Thereafter, take the measurement of the width of the stack of shutters. As mentioned above in the first point, the measurement guidelines remain universal.

  • Attach the filler strips

Take the number of filler strips that you require. Secondly, insert the screws through the plantation shutter frames. Lastly, slide the filler strips onto the screws.

  • Mount the shutters

Hold and put the shutter at the right place. Secondly, put the screws in alignment with the pre-drilled holes. Lastly, tighten the screws as per the adjustments. Complete the entire process for each of the shutters.

  • Check the alignment of the shutters

To check if the plantation shutters are rightly aligned, close the shutters. If they do not close properly, then make the requisite adjustments. Thereafter, insert the screw-cover plugs to furnish the shutters. You can get the screw-cover plugs at the time of purchase of the shutters itself.

  • Mark the placement of the hardware

Take a pencil and mark a point approximately half-way down on the face of the plantation shutters. Secondly, place a level on the mark. Lastly, draw a perfect horizontal line on each side of the shutter frame using the pencil.

  • Attach the fixtures

Start by screwing in the right-side knob into the pre-drilled hole on the shutter. Then, do it for the left-side knob. Make sure that you do it without the latch for the right-side knob, and with the latch for the left-side knob. Double-check the working of the lock by closing the latch.

It can be seen that different shutter materials come with their own set of pros and cons. You can choose plantation shutters or any other type as per the suitability of your comfort, budget, aesthetics, style, and functionality. The elegance of the plantation shutters is throughout a surety to the taste of various clients.


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