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Types of travertine finish for grandeur at its peak

The earthly colour and natural look of travertine make it a favourite choice of many for a blend of a modern and rustic look. From travertine floors to kitchen countertops and backsplashes, travertine has been one of the most sought after materials.

Once you have installed travertine regular maintenance is essential for long-lasting grandeur. An important part of maintaining the travertine flooring is deciding the type of finish that you want to be restored. From honed to polished, travertine has a wide array of finishes that can be best for your home. Let us take a look at the type of finishes obtained by travertine polishing.

Explaining travertine:

Travertine is a type of natural stone that is obtained from limestone. The limestone obtained from caves and near hot springs is cut into slabs to form travertine.

Travertine in its natural form is rough and textured which is then converted to favourable textures through various processing. If you have travertine tiles or countertops at your home you can completely change the finish of the tile during the refinishing process.

Refinishing process:

You can play with the finish of the travertine flooring during refinishing. You increase or decrease the shine and literally do anything to change the look of the floor. Once the damage of the floor is mended the exposed tile is then polished according to the degree of shine needed. Let us a look at the type of finishes that can be obtained using travertine polishing.

Honed finish:

It is one of the most popular choices for homes. Honed finish exhibits a smooth texture with less shine. This is achieved by grinding one side of the stone. This falls under the mostly matte category. In some cases honed can be ambiguous as it includes satin finish to high sheen finish. The honed finish is versatile and perfectly goes in any room of the house.

Polished travertine:

If you want to see a clear cut reflection of yourself on the floor then this is the best finish for you. The polished travertine is more on a glossy side compared to honed travertine.

Polished travertine might look so similar to marble but it is not expensive marble. Travertine should also be regularly sealed like that of marble with the help of experts from polished concrete floors in Sydney. Sydney has the best experts to make your floor sing as brand new.

Brushed finish:

This is a quite unusual finish compared to honed and polished. Though it comes under matte finish it is not as smooth as travertine. The indoor usage of this type of floor is less compared to outdoor usage. This is because of the rough finish of the tile.

Tumbled finish:

If you are looking for a rustic and antique look to your home then this is the best choice. The many pieces of travertine are joined together by grit. This tile is sealed often to ensure durability. Play safe with this finish as it is easily susceptible to damage and accumulation of dirt and grime.

Bottom line:

Consider the pros and cons of each finish before finalizing your favourite. The experts from polished concrete floors in Sydney will make your dream come true with their expertise in handling not just travertine but any type of tile.


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