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What All You Need To Know About Separation Lawyers In Sydney?

The end of a marriage can be horrible, in any event, when the two parties have arrived at the resolution that separation is the most ideal decision. On the off chance that you are pondering separation, you should realize that you are not alone with practically more than 50% of marriage relationships in Australia finishing off with separation. Should you end up in this circumstance, you can confide in the advice and direction of an experienced divorce and separation lawyer in Sydney

Individuals frequently mistake a divorce for the way toward haggling how the parties’ assets and liabilities will be distributed. In any case, separation is a straightforward process and can be possible either previously, after, or during negotiations concerning the parties’ property settlement giving the accompanying necessities are met:

  • Proof of a valid marriage,
  • In any event, at least one party to the marriage must be an Australian citizen, resident in Australia or Australian domicile, 
  • Lost breakdown of the parties’ marriage evidenced by at least 12 months of separation; and
  • The party making the application must serve the other party with a copy of the application as per the Family Law Rules.

There are so numerous family law firms in Sydney that it tends to be exceptionally hard to tell where to begin, particularly in a period of incredible emotional difficulty and struggle. This can be intensified on the off chance that you have never required a family legal advisor, and wind up overpowered by the measure of pressure associated with managing complicated legal matters.

Same-gender divorces in Australia:

Same-gender couples, whose relationships are perceived under the Family Law Act 1975, can apply for a separation regardless of when the marriage occurred. 

Same-sex marriages are perceived reflectively from 7 December 2017, which is the date same-sex marriage got perceived in Australia. Consequently, if you and your former spouse isolated preceding to this date, the 12-month separation period is still required.

If there were any time for compromise, they should not have exceeded three months.

“No-fault” divorce system

You presently don’t have to give proof of an affair, inebriation, insanity, or the like while applying for a divorce in Australia. The Family Law Act of 1975 presented a no-fault divorce system.

You do, nonetheless, need to show that the marriage has separated hopelessly and there is no sensible probability of compromise. 

Even though Australia has a no-fault divorce framework, there might be a few factors the Court thinks about when making interim or final parenting arrangements. For instance, a history of mental sickness, medication, or liquor misuse or aggressive behaviour at home in the marriage might be viewed as when the Court makes these Parenting Orders.


At the point when you apply for a separation, the Family Law Act doesn’t assess the reasons for the marriage breakdown. It just necessitates that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.  Separation denotes the lawful finish of your marriage. Be that as it may, your separation won’t settle the parenting of your children, child uphold, and the division of the property of your marriage or spousal upkeep. These issues are managed separately. Hire a separation lawyer in Sydney that can easily help in getting a divorce without much trouble.


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