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What Is The Procedure To Install Shutters & How Long Does It Take?

Everyone wishes his or her home to be full of light or natural sunshine from the outside. Windows are a means to this healthy sunshine for your home. But that also needs you to take care of covering the windows adequately. You will need to close as well as open the windows depending upon varying needs and timings.

That is why we make use of plantation shutters available in Sutherland Shire. Such shutters for windows are getting popular day by day. They are the first choice of those with allergic conditions. And they appear really appealing to the eyes. Plantation shutters save you from bringing curtains or sheds for the windows. And you get a beautiful looking home from inside as well as from the outside.

So, we bring you some details on how you can carry out the installation of such shutters:

Plantation Shutters’ Installation Procedure

This window treatment goes great with different décor styles, right from the cottage to traditional. The following are the steps you can follow for the installation of these practical products. Note that you will need some tools and materials to carry this out. Here you go:

  1. Measure the window: Step one will be to measure the width and height of the window. This is to find the size you will need for the shutters.
  1. Determine the layout with filler strips: Next will be about using filler strips for the determination of layout. Filler strips can prove to be useful templates for layout and suitable for adjustment with the shutters. Use a pencil when you hold the strip to the front edge of the window to level and mark holes. Then you can pre-drill the holes.
  1. Shutter measurement: Step three will be measuring the shutters themselves. You may place the shutter together and then measure the overall width.
  1. Attaching the filler strips: See the number of filler strips needed. First, insert the screws through the shutter frame. Then, slide the strips onto those screws.
  1. Mounting the shutters: Mount the shutters, hold a shutter in its expected place, and align the screws with pre-drilled holes. Then tighten the screws and repeat the process for the other side. Here you may note not to tighten screws too tight for adjustments later on.
  1. Checking the alignment and making adjustments: Now, you can close the shutters and check if everything is well-adjusted. If not, you can go further by making the required adjustments. Afterwards, insert screw-cover plugs.
  1. Making hardware placement: This step is about marking hardware placement. Layout the hardware with a pencil mark halfway down on the face of the plantation shutters. You can then place a level on that mark and draw a horizontal line on both sides of the frame.
  1. Pre-drilling holes while taking measurements: Now, take measurements for the centre point of each door frame. Make a vertical mark that will be intersecting with the horizontal line drawn before.
  1. Fixture attachment: Finally, you can go ahead with attaching fixtures and doing the testing thing. First, without the latch, screw in that right side knob. Do the same with the other side, but with the latch.

When you are done with the above nine steps, you can do the testing to check if everything’s in place.

How Long Does Shutter Installation Take?

You may know that the entire process will take about 4 to 6 weeks when you consider getting plantation shutters in Sutherland Shire right from initial consultation to installation. It will also depend upon varying factors.

  • The first consultation for shutters: An in-home consultation is required that can sometimes take a few days. You will need to schedule the consultation. This involves taking measurements and finding the necessary window treatment options.

Then, the order is taken, and shutters are being prepared for beautifying your home.

  • Creation of an accurate model: Here, much time is spent, as it is about the creation of the required shutters. It involves the minute details such as angles and nooks and curves of the windows.
  • Finally, we come to installation: Shipping of the shutters is the next step, followed by the installation procedure.

Apart from all the above, briefly, the interior shutters take an hour to install. Here, it can be three to four hours in the case of bay windows. Similarly, for exterior shutters, the time taken by an expert or professional is 3.2 hours, according to stats. The hours can increase to 5.5 hours if the same is through DIY self-installation. Though, most people prefer the professional installation of plantation shutters in Sutherland Shire.


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