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What Points To Keep In Mind While Buying A Kitchen Mixer?

Everyone wants their kitchen to be perfect. Kitchen requirements may vary depending on the place(home or commercial), but one thing is common that kitchen appliances which you can rely on are always needed. Adding a kitchen mixer to your wishlist is never a bad option. A kitchen mixer can make grinding, mashing, etc., tasks easy and quick. Today let’s discuss the benefits and buying guide of a kitchen mixer. 

What are the different types of kitchen mixers:

There are mainly two types of kitchen mixers, namely hand mixers and stand mixers. Let’s know the difference by talking about each:

Hand mixers:

This type of mixer is generally found in the kitchen of a home and is for manual use. It is mainly for household purposes, where there is a rare need for whipping or grinding huge ingredients. It can be used regularly if you want to use it with little amounts of any item, not heavy and big ones. You can change the speed according to your needs in an electric hand mixer. Also, you can use it with any bowl you have. The design of a hand mixer is simple. It is portable, lightweight, inexpensive, and is good for less space and quick works.

Stand mixers:

This one is a professional piece and is generally found in bakeries or any food-related industry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it in your home. It has a stand, unlike hand mixers, and that’s why it is named so. Usually, it comes with a bowl, and you don’t need to find a bowl in your kitchen to use it. It is also more powerful than the hand mixers and offers more speed. It costs more than a manual one but a worthy investment. It is best for frequent use and is available in three different styles, including mini tilt-head, tilt-head, and bowl-lift stand mixers.

Some things to look for while buying a kitchen mixer: 

More than one use:

A good kitchen mixer is not just for baking. It should be versatile and offer more than merely a baking application. If you search across different brands, you will surely find one that fulfils all you are looking for.

Bowl size:

If you are a simple homemaker, the standard size of 4-5 quarts will be enough for you. And if you are professional, you can buy up to 6 quarts size. Don’t invest in too small bowls.


We don’t want a kitchen mixer with no speed control. No one does. Different ingredients can stand at different speeds. We need a slower speed for dry ones and fast for some others. Stand mixers have more speed options in comparison to hand mixers.


Any hand mixer should have a minimum power of 170-200 Watt. Stand mixers offer more, and it can go up to 1000 Watts. You will need a powerful mixer if you need to work on dense ingredients, and you don’t want to give much time to the mixing thing.

Maintenance requirement:

Hand mixers are easy to clean due to their simple design, where detaching parts is possible. Cleaning different models will feel different. Better get a less complex layout for easy maintenance.

Now you know much about kitchen mixers. We hope that it got added in your tips for your next kitchen equipment purchase.


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