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What Are The Uses of Tenacious Tape?

Tenacious Tape is an all-purpose repair tape that fixes rips, holes, and tear in almost anything. The clean adhesive allows you to remove and fix the repair within the first 24 hrs without leaving any residue. No matter what happens to your fabric or outdoor gear, it repairs so well that it almost makes it impossible to detect any damage. It comes in black, white, plain and many popular colours. It is washable in machine and dryers. Tenacious Tape is available in strips and rolls. It almost sticks to any surface without leaving any marks.

Tenacious Tape is very strong repairing tape with a super aggressive high strength adhesive. It is an invisible repairing tape and immediately stops rips and tear from spreading. It is compact, lightweight and durable. It is flexible, strong and repairs heavy duty items such as a tent, sleeping pads, rain pants and more. Since it is lightweight and compact, it is very easy to carry outdoors. Tenacious Tape works best on nylon, vinyl, rubber, polyester, plastic, canvas, non-oiled leather etc.

Directions to use Tenacious Tape

  1. Start by cleaning the repairing area and pat dry. Look for any dust or dirt.
  2. Apply the tape in the damaged area, leaving at least one inch in all directions.
  3. Apply pressure in the circular motion and press hard on a flat surface. It takes 24 hours to reach its full strength.
  4. The tape can be applied in both the sides for a better result. This tape leaves no mark behind.
  5. Just like the tape is easy to use, it is also the easiest to remove.
  6. Before removing the tape, make sure the fabric is dry.

Remove the tape from the corner or edge and pull slowly.

  1. Allow the fabric to dry overnight to let the adhesion restore securely.

Never underestimate the power of Tenacious tape!

Tenacious Tape can be used depending on any situation. Whether it has a tear or to patch a tent, or any reason, this tape is always helpful.  It can withstand any weather condition. The best part about this tape is, it does not require any sewing or heat to be applied with. One can directly stick and apply pressure.

Tenacious Tape is durable. It bonds permanently to the fabric which is used outdoor such a tent, jacket etc. The materials mostly used are plastic, vinyl, nylon and rubber. The best part of this tape is it is waterproof. It is designed specifically in such a way that it protects from water and so the coating is sealed. It would not come off easily during the process of washing and drying and can withstand extreme weather conditions too. Always place the unused Tenacious tape in a sealed bag and store in a cool and dry place.

So the next time, when you plan for an adventurous trip with your friends, do not forget to take Tenacious tape along with you as it may be needed anytime. Since it is lightweight and handy, it would not be a problem in your backpack.


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